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Jack Wolff records all of his music at The Dock Heist Unit, Nottingham. His choices are born out of curiosity, often inspired by smaller elements that are far removed from musical inspiration in the first place. Listening to bird song, rain fall, the hustle and bustle of city life, or natural ambience, Jack finds his palette of memorable tones to work with and harmonise. Everything you hear in a Jack Wolff release has been authentically recorded and considered towards the brief; which is always to create original music. With a philosophy which is heavily built on creating drum sounds from scratch, recording with microphones, solo and in more recent years; musicians with the same creative belief system. Jacks Kitchen Studio (or DOCK HEIST UNIT) has been in constant relocation for the last 10 years or more, and although plenty of developments have been made over that time, the manifesto remains the same; keep it honest, natural and well considered.

Below is an excerpt from a documentary from a time when Jack was living and recording above a derelict pub in Nottingham, UK

directed by Ian Marshall