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Audio Works
by Jack Wolff


I record every sound in my work from scratch, at my custom built studio the "DOCK HEIST UNIT" using a mixture of analogue and digital hardware to produce what you hear. I craft sound effects and textures which are ideal for a variety of multimedia needs, from additional production on songs, to video edits, games, and adverts.


My ears are capable of mixing and mastering vocals in any style, this is achieved through a mixture of hardware and software that I have been collecting and working with for over a decade. From Podcasters, to Rappers and Jazz Singers, I always provide great results for your best take in the studio.


I am a remix expert, I learnt my craft through playing with sound recordings and have dedicated my entire life to replicating noises that I hear or think of. I am an advanced Jazz piano player who uses a natural inclination for music theory to ensure the harmonics of all my instruments blend with the voice; mixing is more than just effect channels, true engineers will go out of their way to orchestrate the whole mix into something more cohesive in this more hands on approach to mixing your songs.


I play all the core instruments needed to record great music, I have a lot of experience playing music live with musicians, and understand the role of each instrument perfectly for a wide variety of situations in music. I play piano, drums, bass and guitar, as well as program all my own synth noises using hardware gear, before recording them.


I also use classic vintage equipment with HQ noises to replicate the authentic tones of flute, vibraphone, and superbly sophisticated string and other orchestral noises. Everything is mixed by me, personally, and appropriately to the role it's required in each song.


Experimentation with tape machines, microphone placement, layering and sampling - I have other means of working to craft interesting moments of sound, and still love a bit of Lo-Fi recording to juxtapose the big wide professional sound that I've mastered in my life's work of exploring the possibilities of audio.

A cool example of one of my processes can be heard by checking out the song above this paragraph called PIZZAZZ which was built around a sample of my song bellow called INKWELL.
This composition was recorded with an old piano using microphones, and then I built a sound collage with a mixture of field recordings SFX and voice notes that I had made / collected.

I then went the classic route of finding a satisfying loop to build an entire new arrangement from for PIZZAZZ.


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